The ultimate companion for your child's daily adventures that stylishly holds all essentials with irresistible cuteness. 

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role: Designer, Pattern Maker, Fabricator           duration: 11 weeks
Consumer Persona
The backpack doesn't just have to fit the child's needs, but also the parent's. 
As a working parent, Anna appreciates efficiency and order, especially on hectic weekday mornings.
Noah can't wait to start kindergarten and show off his toys and belonging to his new classmates.  

Large storage 
Efficient to carry
Durable + washable

Comfortable +  adjustable straps
Final Prototype 
Overall, I really enjoyed the whole process of sketching, prototyping, drafting pattern, and sewing my own design! The order of operations for how the bag is sewn together gave me a lot of trouble, so there was a lot of seam ripping involved. 

Check out my Tech Pack!

Because it was mandatory to use felt, I would like to remake this in nylon. I would also add side pockets and another interior pocket. Including an attachment piece between backpack and lunchbox to secure it.  

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