A modular lounge designed to allow the user to shift from one scene to another, in partnership with Lazzoni, RIT's Metaproject 13 client. 
Displayed at Spring 2023 NYC x Design on Madison Ave at Lazzoni Showroom!
role: researcher, industrial designer     duration: 15 weeks   
Who is Lazzoni?
Lazzoni was the industry sponsor for RIT Industrial Design's Metaproject 13. Lazzoni is a Turkish Luxury furniture company making their way into the American market. Our challenge was to design their next seating device that aligns within the company's values, but also brings a an iconic feel. 

Learn more about Lazzoni here! 
Motivated by Massimo and Lella Vignelli's relationship together also strengthened their individual work. 
Togetherness or Separation
Collaboration or Solitude

These movable, weighted cushions allow for an easy shift from one scene to another.
Brand Alignment

The curved, plushy cushions offers a cozy backrest that conforms to the user's back.  

Since the cushions are weighted, layouts are flexible and can be staged in many different situations.
Brand Opportunities
The Stage Lounge creates new form opportunities for Lazzoni, introducing more curvature and organic shapes. 

“Mixing clean-lined pieces with curved silhouettes creates tension and drama.” 

Very trendy right now, but also seen in timeless furniture.  
modeled in Fusion 360, rendered in KeyShot

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