Aromas that transport you to memories, igniting a symphony of nostalgia with every flicker.
role: branding, packaging, and structural designer     duration:  8 weeks
about us
DÈ JÁ​​​​​​​ VU is a home fragrance brand redefining the art of candlelight. Our artisanal candles are more than just fragrances; they are vessels of nostalgia. Where every aroma tells a story and every glow paints a picture, giving you the feeling of DÈ JÁ VU. 
structural ideation
required to include window and "special feature"
Graphic Brand
I had tons of fun with this project and had lots of great feedback from professors and classmates! A lot of people thought this was a real product packaging.

I challenged myself by designing my own dieline, instead of using a template. I had a couple of prototypes before perfecting it.

I would like to create a more defined brand guide.

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